24th Jun 2017


We have posted the following petition on the Change.org website: “We call on all MPs to put their party loyalties aside and form a Unity Government to best deal with the Brexit negotiations, austerity economics and terrorism.” It has already attracted several hundred votes.

Although presented as being in the national interest, it is not difficult to figure out whose interests are being protected by the Conservative / DUP agreement. Meanwhile, the Labour Party has scented blood and is plotting a “progressive alliance” to form the next government with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

However, a much more equitable alliance could be implemented and it is one that would receive strong public support. Rather than political parties prostituting what little principles they have left to hang on to power, there could be a ‘Unity Government’ instead. MPs would simply commit to acting first and foremost in the national interest; something they claim to do in any event. Once sufficient MPs had given up the whip, the modus operandi of Parliament would naturally change with Ministers being appointed on a cross party basis. This has already been done with notable success in forming the various House of Commons committees.

The position of MPs reluctant to resign the whip would become untenable and a more effective and democratic system would emerge.

It has long been recognised that our political system is badly in need of reform, but little has changed. However, if we permit political parties to gerrymander elections to suit themselves, our political system will lose its remaining credibility.

A hall jam-packed with campaigners, the successful minority punching the air and cheering, does not make for a happy electorate or good governance. We now need government by consensus rather than confrontation with the electorate being split into competing camps. A House of Commons with all MPs working collectively for the common good would be a good start and something that all sides of the debate could develop and build on.

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