Open Letter to Members of the House of Lords

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9th Jun 2016

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Open Letter to Members of the House of Lords

Whatever your view of the EU, it is clear that Brexit is now ahead in the polls because of the growing gulf between politicians and those they serve. Other issues such as immigration are playing a part but largely because the numbers arriving on our shores bear no resemblance to earlier predictions by the Prime Minister.

As much of the electorate is now repelled by tribal politics and not voting, or voting for anti-establishment figures, the status quo cannot prevail. This presents a unique opportunity for like-minded parliamentarians who recognise the need for change, to coalesce and reform the system. We believe that our proposals would provide a sound base for any such coalition and have written to all MPs accordingly, a copy of our letter is enclosed.

Hopefully the divisive EU referendum will at last provide the catalyst we need to get the process of reform underway. Given that the government only holds a 17 seat majority, any breakaway group could easily hold the balance of power.

As senior parliamentarians we sincerely hope that you will discuss our proposals with your colleagues and in both Houses. We would also be delighted to attend a House of Lords committee and answer any questions you might have.

Yours sincerely

Martyn Greene
Campaign Director

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