Free Parliament set to launch

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6th May 2016

The Campaign for a Free Parliament has secured a six million pound funding package to help get many more independent MPs into the House of Commons. Given the antiquated nature of our political system and the public’s growing dissatisfaction, we anticipate a healthy response. The ultimate aim is to replace political party control with a free and democratic House of Commons.

Our campaign is particularly relevant in light of the recent Scottish referendum and the impending referendum on the EU. The SNP claimed Westminster rule was unacceptable, but they had no specific problem with the English as a race. The battle cry of Leave is that rule from Brussels is unacceptable but they like the people of Europe. These remarkable similarities tell us that our biggest problem is with the ruling elite and that neither Westminster nor Brussels are responsive to those they represent. As a result many have switched off and 76% of the electorate have not voted for the government of the day. However, if mainland European governments were to adopt the measures that we propose for Westminster, the EU would reform itself from within. Not only would the UK no longer need split over Europe but it would not have to risk losing Scotland as well.

There is growing interest in challenging the party system and our official launch is to be held on Monday 9 May in the Waterloo Room of the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall. Digby Jones will be leading the charge and some of our leading sponsors from the world of business will be there as well.

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