After the Brexit vote, what next?

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28th Jun 2016

As the dust settles and the decision of the people of the UK becomes a reality, many will wonder what next? With the Prime Minister announcing his resignation and the Leader of the Opposition losing the confidence of his colleagues, we must consider a future free of the Institutions of the European Union. Never before have we been given such an opportunity to start again, from our towns and parishes all the way to Westminster, we must seek to address the domestic democratic deficit which we have allowed to take hold. With no obvious plan and months of uncertainty ahead, the case to elect Independent MPs is stronger than ever.

As the political parties scramble around trying to work out what went wrong and to preserve their own careers, we must get on with securing our country’s future. If you always do what you always did, you will get what you always got. This cannot be the legacy we leave our children and future generations. Politicians within all political parties are more concerned with self-preservation and maintaining the status quo; we must look beyond that and find new ways of creating growth and stability in the economy, reform of public services and opportunities in education and employment for the future.

This referendum and the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 have created an awakening amongst the British electorate. An opportunity exists to address how our democracy works. Let’s not miss that opportunity.

The EU Referendum was not the end; it is the beginning. The future of the country is far too important to be left in the hands of the 1922 committee and Parliamentary Labour party. Let the people decide – elect ONLY Independents.

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