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An Open Letter to all
European Pro-Democracy Movements

Dear Colleague

The Free Parliament Campaign is a movement to reform the UK political system and we now wish to reach out to other like-minded groups across Europe. We propose replacing tribal politicians with independent MPs working collectively for the common good. We have good support at a local level throughout the UK and we are now engaged in discussions with senior politicians as well. The need for reform is not restricted to the UK with the EU being the clearest example yet of politicians and officials diverging from those they serve. As a result reasonable people are not being listened to, our children’s future is being compromised and the problems of other nations are beginning to overwhelm us.

One of the biggest failures of the EU has been to ignore the advice of its founders who advised subsidiarity, localism. For people to prosper and be content, government has to remain as local, user friendly and interactive as possible. Europe is now in a state of flux with its electorates looking for alternatives to the elites that have treated them with disdain, dismantled their democracies and damaged their quality of life. Golden Dawn and Alternative für Deutschland are but two examples. However, the future lies not with new parties or extremist groups. Tribal parties have been tested to destruction and extremists spell danger. The future will be independent parliamentarians hand-picked for their ability and accountable primarily to their constituents. Highly-motivated people who will quickly become accomplished politicians working with their colleagues towards the best possible solutions. Together they will form an effective government; their policies arrived at by consensus rather than in a constant battle for votes. The system of government must remain above political gerrymandering and policymaking should take place in a free and democratic chamber rather than being used as electoral bait.

Independent politicians are often regarded as political misfits or being obsessed with single issues, however, all the candidates we endorse will have at least three things in common. They will have signed up to the Bell Principles, which set out clear standards of conduct; they will support parliamentary reform to stop MPs accepting promotion in return for unquestioning support; and they will have agreed to recall by their constituents if they fail to perform. Future reforms may include replacing full scale general elections, which have become time-wasting and unaffordable festivals of bribery, with a continuous parliament. Rather than holding a general election every five years to change from one self-serving party to the next, it would make more sense to elect MPs on a rolling basis and make them accountable to their constituents by way of recall. Parliamentary terms would become settled and productive continuums marked only by the check and refreshment of their Members. By bribing voters with their own money, political parties have caused Western countries to live beyond their means. Worse still, they are now bribing us with our children’s money as well. Every baby born in the UK today is already £24,000 in debt, by the time they are sixteen this could have doubled. Parents sometimes have to cut up a credit card, one day our children may wish that they had cut up ours. The prospect of a happy ending is fading fast as paper currencies, government bonds and quantitative easing lose their charm in lockstep with stocks and commodities, now also crumpling under the pressure.

Westminster is regarded as ‘the mother of all parliaments’ but, with a clean sheet of paper, no sane person would replicate its hopelessly tribal system. Less than one percent of the electorate is now a member of a political party and seventy-six percent of that same electorate did not vote for the present government. However, the system cannot cure itself; the electorate must bring about reform by voting only for proven achievers instead of trained
orators. With MPs chosen for their ability rather than their political affiliation, parliament would have the views, needs and aspirations of the electorate woven into its fabric rather than being cynically exploited for votes. The political parties are now trapped by the corrupt system they created and are condemned to keep on promising the earth to cling to power. It is now up to the electorate to call a halt by voting only for people they trust and respect. Excluded by elites promoting their own agendas, many voters have lost interest in politics. They have become fatalistic, confused by bureaucracy and demotivated by a system that only allows them to vote for a limited choice of options once every four or five years. If nothing else, this we must change. Politicians might act with the best of intentions, but unless they remain connected to the needs and aspirations of those they serve, they will not succeed. Independents may lack the resources of the big parties but crowdfunding will change this and rekindle electoral interest. It will also stop the big parties from offering influence, access and even honours for cash.

Brexit and Remain are both right in much that they say, however no middle way is on offer and we are stuck with a blunt Yes or No choice; neither of which will be in our best interests. The EU did not build the Europe that we know and love, it has diminished it. The people of Europe must now set about replacing a political system that no longer works in their best interests with what works for them and with them. There is much in the EU to preserve however there is also a great deal that we must abandon before it destroys us. The first feature that we must remove is the ability of its elites to conspire against us. Now that we have successfully launched our campaign in the UK, with the backing of Lord Digby Jones among others, we wish to form linkages with similar European groups that value local democracy, administrative competence and government accountability. If you would like to discuss a linkage or find out more, then please do get in touch.

Yours sincerely

Martyn Greene
Campaign Director