The Campaign for a Free Parliament is offering £10,000 cash awards to the winners of local primaries to find the best independent candidate in all 650 Westminster constituencies.

Free Parliament Backs Independent Candidate in Copeland By-election

The Campaign for a Free Parliament is delighted to announce that it is supporting the independent candidate, Michael Guest, in the Copeland by-election on 23rd February. Michael Guest is currently an independent councillor on Copeland Borough Council and a former independent Mayor of Whitehaven.

The Campaign for Free Parliament was launched last year to promote independent Members of Parliament able to put the interests of their constituents before those of a political party.

“Political tribalism is destructive,” Michael Guest commented. “Parliament now needs independent MPs with a successful track record in the real world. Few of our current MPs have ever had a job outside of the political bubble and the results are plain to see. I will focus on what is best for Copeland as well as the national interest. Party politics has been bad for this constituency and there is widespread dissatisfaction with elitist governments that ignore the electorate.”

He added that political parties “split the electorate into competing camps to justify their existence. How silly is that? All MPs should be seeking consensus on what is best for their constituents rather than political point scoring. In addition, policies should be formed by proper debate in Parliament, not touted around the doorsteps for votes.”

Michael Guest will give the voters of Copeland the opportunity to back a candidate of proven ability and integrity, who will represent their best interests in Parliament.

Campaign Director, Martyn Greene, commented on the announcement: “We are delighted to be supporting Michael, a well-known and respected Independent Councillor and Mayor. The established political parties have failed to represent the interests of the people of Copeland, clearly demonstrated by its Labour MP abandoning his constituents to pursue a more lucrative career outside politics. Instead of more of the same, Copeland now has the opportunity to support someone who will put their interests first. A strong independent voice for Copeland is the best hope for a strong future.”

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    Independents are free to represent the desires and aspirations of the individual and their community, not fodder for a controlling tribal ideology via the chains and shackles of a national party political machine.

    Cllr Michael Guest, West Cumbrian Independents

    Why elect whipped MPs who cannot be recalled and are powerless when it matters most? Independents do it better.

    Joanne Welch

    Recall is a great idea. It should be for voters to decide when they have had enough of their MP.

    Matt Clements

    What we need is a rigorous selection process, run independently from the parties themselves, to ensure that parliamentary candidates are intelligent, have relevant experience of leadership and management, and are of sound character.

    Nigel Holder

    First class ideas, about time we saw some policies that will shake up the system.

    Bill Stockwell

    All strength to your arm. Are we sure that the current flock of MPs will understand true democracy when they experience it. They are such slaves of the current corrupt party system that I have genuine doubts that they will be able to survive the shock.

    Stephen Green