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Letter to MPs – 22 November 2016

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Dear Member of Parliament

It is fast becoming inescapable that our political system will have to be reformed. Many now hold it in contempt and only twenty-four percent of the electorate voted for the government of the day. The collapse in trust between the electorate and mainstream politicians has given oxygen to extremists from both ends of the political spectrum.  If this process is allowed to continue unchecked, it will destabilise the political equilibrium, damage our society and threaten our security.

Our proposals offer a clearly-defined path from the divisive tribal politics of old towards a much more attractive, pragmatic and democratic system. They include greater autonomy for MPs, constituent-based MP recall and all ministerial appointments being made from the floor of the House. House of Commons committees have been greatly improved by this measure and MPs creating a government, rather than just the prime minister; would be an important step towards forming a political system fit for the 21st century.

If MPs wish to retain the support of the electorate, then they must now demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their duty to constituents and to the country as a whole will come before any political party or personal ideology. The essence of our campaign is to strengthen the bond between parliament and the people and to empower MPs so that they may better earn the respect and allegiance of those they serve.

Among others, our campaign has the support of Lord Digby Jones and Col. Tim Collins. We are keen to engage with open-minded MPs to discuss our proposals in more detail. We therefore look forward to your response along with any comments you might wish to make on a strictly confidential basis.

Yours sincerely

Martyn Greene
Campaign Director

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    Independents are free to represent the desires and aspirations of the individual and their community, not fodder for a controlling tribal ideology via the chains and shackles of a national party political machine.

    Cllr Michael Guest, West Cumbrian Independents

    Why elect whipped MPs who cannot be recalled and are powerless when it matters most? Independents do it better.

    Joanne Welch

    Recall is a great idea. It should be for voters to decide when they have had enough of their MP.

    Matt Clements

    What we need is a rigorous selection process, run independently from the parties themselves, to ensure that parliamentary candidates are intelligent, have relevant experience of leadership and management, and are of sound character.

    Nigel Holder

    First class ideas, about time we saw some policies that will shake up the system.

    Bill Stockwell

    All strength to your arm. Are we sure that the current flock of MPs will understand true democracy when they experience it. They are such slaves of the current corrupt party system that I have genuine doubts that they will be able to survive the shock.

    Stephen Green